dolly parton defends miley cyrus gi Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus: 'She's the cutest thing'

Don’t ask Dolly Parton to hate on Miley Cyrus. The country superstar — who is also Miley’s godmother — just thinks the young singer is taking “drastic measures” to grow up.

Parton talked about Cyrus in an interview with Access Hollywood. The singer was happy to talk about Miley Cyrus as long as it stayed positive. “I’m her fairy godmother,” she said. “We’ve never had official stuff. She’s the cutest thing there ever was.”

When the subject of criticism that Miley Cyrus has faced in the past few months — especially since the MTV VMA awards — Parton didn’t want to jump on the hating train. “Everyone is all over me now like I’m supposed to answer for Miley,” Parton explained. “I admire her, I respect her, she’s smart, and she’s so talented. And Billy Ray and me will never say nothing bad about Miley ’cause Miley obviously knew what she was doing. She knew she had to go to drastic measures to let people leave her alone, ’cause nobody was going to let her grow up.”

Dolly Parton didn’t even have advice for the young singer. “I’m hoping that she always makes the right moves,” she said in the interview. “It’s her choice. We all have our own choices to make.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown