dominic monaghan turkey Dominic Monaghan wants you to know turkeys are people tooDominic Monaghan is not some militant vegan — he eats meat, he says — but he won’t be partaking of any turkey on Thanksgiving.

]]>“Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday night (Nov. 23) that he gets invited to a lot of Thanksgiving festivities — because he’s English, his American friends “think I’m an orphan” — and he enjoys the holiday quite abot: “In England, it’s basically Christmas dinner a month early.” What it boils down to is that the former “Lost” star just has a soft spot for turkeys. “I like the floppy throat thing about them,” Monaghan says. He’s even written a “relatively impassioned anti-turkey-eating song” about it. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Dominic Monaghan’s “Gobble, Gobble,” in which you will learn a few things about turkeys that you may not have known. Happy Thanksgiving, whether you’re eating math-savvy, Chinese-speaking turkey or not.

Posted by:Rick Porter