“Dominion” has come to the end of its short Season 1 with the finale episode, “Beware Those Closest to You.” Should the show come back?

Based on the cliffhanger ending alone, the answer would seem to be yes. At the end of the finale, we see Alex making the difficult (emotionally and physically) journey to Gabriel. William is off in the desert, thought dead by everyone but his father. General Reisen and Michael are MIA. And Claire is pregnant.

If fans of “Dominion” want any sort of resolution on these points, a Season 2 is pretty much a necessity. Some things were resolved — the issue of the acolytes and those creepy angel experiments — but those are specifically Season 1 issues. New problems will take their place if and when Season 2 comes around.

But what do you think? Should “Dominion” return for another run, or have you had enough of the Syfy show?

Posted by:Laurel Brown