Fans of “Community” and Donald Glover were justified in being a little worried about the actor on Monday (Oct. 14) when he posted a series of personal and emotional messages on his Instagram account. Now, Glover has explained why he did so — he was just venting some frustration.

“That night, we had a show, and then afterwards, I had this moment of feeling like, ‘What’s the point? Why am I even here?'” Glover said in an interview with on Thursday (Oct. 17). “I just wanted to write down my feelings. I definitely was just expressing myself.”

Read more about Glover’s original Instagram messages here.

That expression wasn’t even meant to indicate any form of depression, although many fans did take it that way. “If I’m depressed, everybody’s depressed,” he explained. “I don’t think those feelings are that different from what everybody’s feeling. Most people just don’t tell everybody.”

Glover didn’t explain much about the details of his posts though, which included messages about leaving “Community” (he appears in less than half of the upcoming Season 5) and disinterest in his rap career as Childish Gambino. Still, the actor expressed satisfaction that his messages were seen. “I’m glad people saw it. I feel like I got some stuff out there,” he said. “I got it off my chest. It felt like I had been holding on to something.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown