donald-trump-not-running-for-president-baltimore-sun.jpgDonald Trump promised to make a big announcement about Barack Obama, and his 1.6 million Twitter followers are waiting with eager expectation. The Donald tweeted earlier that the announcement will come “probably on Wednesday.”

Many feared the TV personality and real estate mogul would make a serious run at a bid for President of the United States this year after he dropped his affiliation with the Republican party. Ultimately Trump opted not to throw his ring in the hat, and endorsed GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

He’s now teased his “major announcement” on “Fox & Friends,” saying “I have something very, very big concerning the President of the United States.” So it better really be major. Apparently it’s not major enough to come right out with, though. Far be it from Donald Trump to invite undue attention, but this could just be another opportunistic election season publicity stunt, a la the “October Surprise” Rickroll

Since everyone’s getting in to the voting mood, cast your ballot on the Trump announcement:
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