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Donald Trump taped an interview for “Today” that aired Tuesday (April 19). He talks about his presidential bid. Here are some highlights:

On President Obama’s birth certificate issue: “What I am saying is there is a question. There is a bigger question now than two months ago when I first started. He doesn’t have — he might have it — and I hope he has it … I hope he does. I would love him to come out with a proper birth certificate.”

On Karl Rove’s comment that Trump is an inconsequential candidate: “So inconsequential that I’m leading in every poll … I know many people at the White House and one in particular. The last person [President Obama] wants to run against is Donald Trump. That I can
tell you.”

On China: “I have built a fantastic company with a fantastic worth. This country needs somebody that can do a great job. When you see what China is doing to us, we’ll lose $300 billion to China this year and they are taking our jobs. They are doing it through manipulation of the currency … If you have the right messenger they won’t do it for long … We have the cards. They don’t. They have some of our debt. Big deal . It’s a small number relative to the world. okay? My policy is simple. I would tell China very nicely, fellows, you’re my friend, I like you very much — and I have made a lot of money with China – I would say we are going to put a 25% tax on all your products coming in and that’s going to do a number of things. Number one, as soon as they believe it will happen they will behave so nicely because it would destroy their economy.”

On the budget deficit: “I think Paul Ryan is too far out front with the issue. He ought to sit back and relax … The world is destroying our country. These other countries are sapping our strength. OPEC is sapping our strength. We can’t pay $108 a barrel oil. It’s sapping our country. By the way, they are going to raise it higher because Saudi Arabia said, there is plenty of oil. We want to create a strong country again and you can solve the deficit problem the easiest way … I’d stop raising the debt ceiling now. Go out, negotiate, make deals.”

On Mitt Romney: “I like Mitt Romney. I don’t know him, but I sort of like him. He has not resonated.”

On Sarah Palin: “I respect her a lot. She’s got a tremendous energy and a tremendous following. I think she’s been very unfairly treated.”

On his qualifications: “I think I’m presidential. I think I have a very high aptitude and I think I was at the best schools and always did good. I was a good student. there is only one thing I can do. Sometime prior to June I can announce I will run.”

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