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Donald Trump stopped by “Today” Wednesday (Oct. 19) to chat about the GOP field for the 2012 presidential election. He hasn’t yet officially endorsed anyone in the GOP field, but anyone would be better than President Obama.

“I could vote for anybody [in the GOP field], including
Governor Romney, who’s made a great impression at the debates. But I
could vote for anybody over President Obama. President Obama has been a total and complete disaster.”

Trump also says his endorsement will be a huge boost for whomever he bestows it upon.

“Well, I would give somebody a very big leg up. I’ve told some that I
will not be making a decision [yet]. They’re all up here. They’re
calling,” says Trump.

Trump also spoke specifically about Herman Cain and Rick Perry. He says he can see why Cain has surged in popularity as of late.

“I think [Cain’s] got great substance. He’s got a great
personality. He’s got a great way about him, and people relate to him,” says Trump. He also isn’t completely critical of the 9-9-9 tax plan set forth by Cain. “But [9-9-9] is something. OK? It’s something. He’s
putting something out there. Other people are putting out 97-page

“He’s not just catering to me, he’s catering to a lot of people, and they understand the simplicity of it. It’s simple. It’s concise. It’s easier to understand. Now, I will say this. I think the sales tax part of it is very tough. Now, do I like being brought down to 9 percent? I love it,” Trump continues.

As for Rick Perry, Trump thinks he’s had a tough time in the debates.

“I think [Perry[ did poorly in the debates. Rick Perry is a
much different person, in person. In fact, he called me, and he was
talking so forcefully and so strong and so good, I said, ‘Why can’t you
do that during the debates?’ He said, ‘Debates aren’t my thing.'” says Trump.

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