donald trump birther the view abc Donald Trump wants to see Obama's birth certificate. Really?Oh no he didn’t, but he sure did. Donald Trump took this whole presidential run, aka “Celebrity Apprentice” promotional tour, to Wednesday’s (March 23) episode of the “The View.” And he made some statements that definitely caused a stir among the women.

“I think people want somebody now who is going to protect them,” he says on the show. “And protect this country, because we’re not going to be a great country for long if we keep going the way we’re going right now.”
Trump declined to name who he’d choose for his running mate as it’s too early, since he plans to make his decision on whether he’ll run for the presidency in June. How does he characterize what his presidential style will be? “Business with a heart,” he says.
Probably the most divisive thing he said on the show was when he reignited the controversy over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Even fellow Republican, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, averted her eyes at the mention of it.

“I was a really good student at the best school,” he says. “They make these birthers into the worst there is. Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?” 
“If you go back to my kindergarten, my first grade,” he adds. “People remember me. No one from those early years remembers him… There’s something on his birth certificate he doesn’t  like.”

That didn’t sit well with co-host Whoopi Goldberg who said in her typically direct style, “I think that’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages… It’s not because he’s black, is it?”
“That has nothing to do with it,” replies Trump.
Barbara Walters could see this fire needed to be put out and when they returned from commercials, Trump moved on to the conflicts on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
“I’ll tell you who gets beat up more than anyone I’ve ever seen in the history reality television,” he says. “Your very close friend, Star Jones. NeNe [Leakes] is tough and so is star. When they go at each other it’s unbelievable. They’re both smart, they’re both tough.”
“NeNe is a big woman,” he also says. “She’s very intimidating. [The Star and NeNe conflict] makes Omarosa like a very kind sweet woman.”
That may be true about NeNe and Star, but does Trump’s birther comments make you reconsider his judgment?

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