suits mad men donna joan fashion usa Donna of 'Suits' vs. Joan of 'Mad Men': Who is the best dressed?

“Suits” and “Mad Men” are two of the most stylish shows on TV, and no characters embody that style like the shows’ secretaries: Donna of “Suits” and Joan of “Mad Men.” But which of the two women is the best-dressed of all?

It’s a tough call. The two women — although both fabulous red-heads — vary in body shape, style and decade. If you like the ’60s better than the present, Joan (Christina Hendricks) is the obvious choice. If you like your stylish ladies a little more modern, however, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is your pick.

The infographic does point out some of these key differences. In the areas of makeup and fashion accessories, we are dealing completely with a matter of taste. Do you prefer that bright lipstick glossy or matte? What heels are the best heels? How big should one’s hair be for optimal attractiveness?

In another area of accessories, there is a clearer difference: can opener vs. Lucky Strike cigarette. With Joan, we can at least presume to know the purpose of the cigarette (although when dealing with Roger Sterling, all bets are off). As for that can opener … Let’s just say that things have always remained vague in that department.

This is, in the end, a question of apples and oranges. Can’t we just love them both?

suits best dressed donna vs joan mad men usa Donna of 'Suits' vs. Joan of 'Mad Men': Who is the best dressed?

Posted by:Laurel Brown