dont trust the b airing online abc 'Don't Trust the B     in Apt. 23' resurfaces onlineIf you’re still aching to see what happened on the final episodes of “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23,” you’re in luck. At least for the next couple of weeks.

As promised, the eight remaining installments of the canceled ABC comedy will be online at, Hulu and iTunes through June 2. They’re also available through the Watch ABC mobile app.

The final episodes feature the return of Chloe’s (Krysten Ritter) love interest Benjamin (Ben Lawson); June (Dreama Walker) trying to piece together the events of a day she can’t remember after Chloe slips something into her drink; and in the final episode, a flashback to Chloe’s encounter with the original b**** in apartment 23 (guest star Sarah Wright) and a revelation about James Van Der Beek‘s dad.

Here’s the first of the unaired episodes, titled “The Leak”:

Posted by:Rick Porter