doomsday castle natgeo 'Doomsday Castle': 'The prepper always has to have redundancy,' says star Brent Sr.“Doomsday Castle” is the latest reality show to hit the cable airwaves, a spin-off of the popular NatGeo show “Doomsday Preppers.” “Castle” follows a family (last name undisclosed) led by patriarch Brent as they construct their titular compound in case all heck breaks loose in the U.S.

NatGeo heads “deep into the woods of the Carolinas to an undisclosed location to follow one man and his dreams of protecting his family … he’s hoping his castle, the ultimate bunker, will protect his family if disaster strikes. But first he has to bring them together to complete the castle, if they don’t destroy one another first,” the promo teased at the 2013 TCA press tour panel.

“We started preparing literally 11 years ago — I guess it’s almost 12 now — when Y2K, that’s what started it for us, with the realization that the grid could possibly go down,” says Brent Sr. “It became a nonevent, but we still kept preparing … whether it’s just a tornado or is there something that could be even longer lasting and what you need to do over your life to ensure the safety of your family.” 

Brent Junior adds, “I think we could back to medieval times. If there is chaos, if there is a disruption in the power grid, it’s going to be back to medieval times. You’re going to have a need for a catapult. You’re going to have a need for a drawbridge. We’re going to kind of go back to square one, and we’re prepared for that.”

In addition to the castle’s drawbridge and catapult, Brent Sr. says that they’ve got many plans in place for water and crops and such.

“The prepper always has to have redundancy, and that’s the hardest part of preparing is you don’t just have an A and B plan,” says Brent Sr. “You sometimes have a C and a D plan to cover just about every scenario.”

Son Michael adds, “We try to focus on the necessities. We need water. We need protection.  You need enough ground for farming, sustainable energy if you can have that. You know, whether you’re using water pump that’s solar powered, using the sun — so like my dad said, it’s redundancy. You want a backup for everything. So if it doesn’t rain, we have another way for water.”

But the show isn’t just about doomsday prepping. It’s also about family, or as Brent Sr. puts it, “It’s a story of a common man … and why it’s so important to bring your family together at some point in time.”

Which will not be without friction. Brent Sr. says he has “the only family of 10 in the United States that are all alphas.”

In addition to Brent Sr., Brent Jr. and Michael, the show will also feature Brent’s daughters Ashley, Lindsey and Dawn-Marie.

Watch the preview below and tune in Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NatGeo.

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