dowton abbey season 4 gma 'Downton Abbey' cast talks Season 4 life after Matthew on 'GMA'

“Downton Abbey” is finally close to premiering on PBS, and the cast and Julian Fellowes stopped by “Good Morning America” to discuss what fans can expect of the new season.

For those of you who didn’t peek ahead when the show aired in the UK, it’s no spoiler to know that the beginning of Season 4 is going to focus largely on Mary getting over the untimely death of Matthew. It’s a death that fans didn’t receive happily. Fellowes says he was shocked by how angry they were despite it being common knowledge that most British actors are only signed for three seasons.

“I’m afraid if they’re never going to come back, it’s the grim reaper. There’s no other answer,” Fellows says on “GMA.” “I’m afraid he had to breathe his last. We’re very sorry, but that was the way it had to be.”

That means Mary is not going to be warm and sweet at the start of Season 4. Michelle Dockery teases, “Mary very much reverts back to the kind of cold, icy side again, inevitably, because that is what she is going through.

“She needs to move on and so there are new suitors,” she continues. “There’s one or two … or three. She’s adjusting really, and that is what the fourth series is about for Mary is moving on.”

Just don’t think that the cast has cut off Dan Stevens just because he’s out of the series. They are apparently all getting drinks on Dec. 11 and keeping the love alive.

“Downton Abbey” premieres on Jan. 5 on PBS.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz