downton abbey season 4 episode 7 allen leech 'Downton Abbey' Season 4 episode 7: Romance is in the airOnly one more episode after this week, “Downton Abbey” fans. How do you think everything will wrap up?


Mary’s “desire of suitors” is back, enjoying the fun of the spring bazaar at the estate and, of course, fawning all over the most eligible bachelorette in York. Lord Gillingham has ended his engagement to Mabel and it seems he and Charles Blake are committed to trying to win Mary’s heart. She’s very upfront with them about not being ready yet and they’re very respectful of one another, so it’s fun to watch the three of them (as Lord Grantham calls them, “a menage”) traipsing around the carnival.

Do you hope she chooses one of them in the finale next week? Or is this a storyline you’d like to see play out in Season 5?

Speaking of romances, Tom Branson has yet again encountered Sarah Bunting. She’s a perfect fit for him — she’s political, she’s not “the help” yet also not an aristocrat and she’s the village teacher, so how can the Crawley family object to such a noble profession? They also can’t expect him to be alone forever and Sarah would keep him nearby.

We’ll confess that there isn’t exactly an electric spark passing between in terms of chemistry, but at least he’s no longer snogging the horrible lady’s maid Edna.

Those that do have nice chemistry are Jack Ross and Lady Rose. He proposes and she says yes, though you have to wonder how much of that is about her shocking her mother. Either way, Lady Mary goes to speak with Jack about what a hard time they’re going to have and he says he’s already decided to end the engagement because he doesn’t want to put Rose through that.

It’s not that we object to this storyline as a whole, but it’s annoying the way the engagement and dissolution of said engagement happened in the span of one episode — here’s a problem, now it’s gone. And we can all feel guilty about racism. It would have been a lot more interesting if they’d gotten engaged and then stretched that out over several episodes before finally deciding to have Jack call it off.

Finally, guess who else has caught the eye of a man? Cousin Isobel. And why shouldn’t she? Isobel is one of our favorite characters on the show anymore. Her marrying Lord Merton (Lady Mary’s godfather) would be a nice way to give her something to do plus keep her close to the Crawley family (because you know she feels like an intruder with Matthew gone, even though everyone loves her and she has every right to come see her grandson).

In the #PoorLadyEdith department, not only does Aunt Rosamund know about the baby, but now so does Granny Violet — that lady doesn’t miss a trick. They’re solution is for Ros and Edith to take a “sabbatical” to Switzerland for several months and that is where she’ll give birth and give the baby away. Lady Edith is distraught at the idea, instead wanting her baby to be raised by Mr. Drew and his wife (he’s the noble tenant farmer who appeared a few episodes back), but in the end, Edith sees that Switzerland is really the better choice.

This storyline makes us so sad. Do you think Gregson is dead? Do you think Lord Sampson (the card cheat that Gregson outed) had anything to do with his disappearance? We sincerely hope he comes back in Season 5, it will be such a shame if he’s dead.

In the final scene, Lord Grantham returns from America and all is right with the Crawleys. Robert and Cora haven’t had much to do this season together as a married couple, but their warm greetings upon his return are a nice reminder of what a great relationship they have.


Anna can’t handle the idea of Mr. Green returning to Downton after his last visit (we don’t mean the attack, we mean when they stopped by and Mr. Green was his awful, smarmy, disgusting self), so she tells Mary it was Mr. Green who raped her, and of course Mary wants him to be arrested, but Anna won’t hear of it. Instead, Mary settles for asking Lord Gillingham to fire Mr. Green, no questions asked, and he does because Anthony is in love with Mary.

However, before he can be fired, Mr. Green is hit by a bus and it’s fairly well implied that Bates did the pushing. We can’t say we’re at all sad about that turn of events — we’re only sad that, as Lady Violet says, it went the way of Greek drama and happened off-stage. However, this plot has shades of a retread of Bates’ wife’s murder storyline. If he spends Season 5 in prison, that’s going to be really irritating.

In a lighter storyline, Thomas is putting the pressure on Baxter to tell him what she knows about things while he was away in America, but Molesley sticks up for her because Molesley is sweet on Baxter! And it seems like Baxter kind of likes him back, awww. We know which “Downton” couple is our new favorite ‘ship, gang.

In what we hope is finally the death of the kitchen love quadrilateral, Alfred is back in the village for his dad’s funeral and proposes to Ivy. She considers it but ultimately refuses because she’s not in love with Alfred. Daisy cannot believe it because it’s such an opportunity for Ivy (plus Daisy likes Alfred, so she’s insanely jealous and mad at him), but a visit to see Mr. Mason reminds her that she shouldn’t carry hate in her heart and she needs to part as friends with Alfred.

More of Mr. Mason, please. He’s wonderful, Daisy should go see him about every other episode next week.

Anyway, when Alfred gets rejected, he waits about 30 seconds before then proposing to Daisy, who thankfully has the self-respect to say no (in a kind way). It also gives us one of the best moments all season when Mrs. Patmore tells Daisy how proud she is of her. Pass the tissues, please.

Best lines:

Lady Violet: “Rosamund has no interest in French. If she wishes to be understood by a foreigner, she shouts.”

Lady Mary: “To be fair to papa, he’d find your being a band singer harder to swallow than your color.”

What did you think of the penultimate Season 4 episode of “Downton Abbey”?

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