lady edith michael gregson downton abbey season 4 'Downton Abbey' Season 4 episode 7 spoilers: Lady Edith's choice“Downton Abbey” is almost through its fourth season run, save for the annual Christmas episode in two months’ time. Find out where the season is heading, but be warned of spoilers.


Lord Grantham has taken off for America to help his brother-in-law Harold, who is embroiled in the Teapot-Dome Scandal. He takes Thomas with him, not Bates, because Lady Mary asks him to. What he doesn’t know is that Mrs. Hughes had to tell Lady Mary what happened in order to get her to persuade her father not to take Bates away from Anna right now.

Mary, of course, is very kind to both Bates and Anna, urging her lady’s maid to go to the authorities. But she keeps quiet when Anna refuses to even discuss it. However, by episode’s end, Lord Gillingham is back at Downton and with him is his odious valet Mr. Green. Based on the looks Anna was getting in the servants’ hall at her reaction to Green, we fully expect someone to put it together.

It’ll be interesting to see what the fallout from that is, despite Mrs. Hughes telling Green to, basically, shut his big fat mouth and stay out of everyone’s way.

In another corner of the estate, Mr. Blake and Mary work tirelessly through the night to save the new pigs that the Crawleys are going to begin farming. The new arrivals tipped over their water trough and were severely dehydrated, so the aloof mistress of the house and her new paramour work all night watering the pigs and manage to save them, with Mary earning more of Blake’s respect with every bucket of water she hauls into the pig pen.

And now Mary has both Blake and Gillingham fawning all over her. Whatever will she do?

Meanwhile, Lady Edith and Rose go to London, where Edith is planning to abort her baby. Her Aunt Rosamund knows something is wrong and Edith confides in her, probably glad to have someone with whom to share the burden. While Rosamund advises her not to get rid of the baby, she is supportive of Edith no matter what, accompanying her to the doctor. But in the end, Edith cannot go through with it.

On a happier note, Rose has a wild night out with Jack, which will probably come back to bite her in next week’s episode.


Alfred writes that he is stopping by, which sends Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson conspiring to keep him away from their two kitchen maids. It’s all rather silly and completely hinges on the fact that both Daisy and Ivy need a good spanking (because they are acting like children), but Alfred manages to see them anyway and Ivy’s got a new appreciation for the tall drink of water who isn’t going to buy her dinner and expect her to put out.

We would say, “Poor Daisy,” except she’s turned into such a surly brat that we don’t even care anymore. We hope Alfred and Ivy run off and have six kids.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There’s another plot involving Lady Violet coming down with bronchitis and Cousin Isobel nursing her back to health. Violet recovers and she’s crotchety but grudgingly thankful to Isobel for helping her.
  • We actually thought the show might kill the Dowager Countess off, which would’ve provided a wonderfully dramatic ending to Season 4. Not that we want her to die and not that Maggie Smith isn’t amazing, but the Countess cannot live forever and that’s really where we thought this was going. Instead, it kind of went nowhere.
  • Best line: “I want another nurse. I insist, this one talks too much. She’s like a drunken vicar.” — Lady Violet

What did you think of “Downton Abbey’s” penultimate episode of Season 4?

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