The Season 4 finale of “Downton Abbey” airs this Sunday, Nov. 10 in the U.K. and we’re here with some juicy details. But be warned — don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Above, Lady Rose tells Lady Mary that she intends to marry Jack Ross and she doesn’t care who knows it — but it also sounds as though she’s planning on using the news to shock her mother, with whom we know she does not get along. Hmm. We hope Jack is not being used merely for that purpose, he seems such a lovely fellow.

In the latest Season 4 pictures, it looks as though Downton is playing host to a delightful party — and Tom’s political lady is in attendance. Is there love in the air?

The episode description also has us asking some questions. It reads:

Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it?
Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favour.
Rose has her nose put out of joint when plans don’t go her way, and Alfred realises too late that he may have made a mistake.
Just when Bates and Anna seem to be coming through the worst of their troubles, some unexpected news gives her fresh cause for concern.  

We wonder just what Rosamund and Edith are up to — the preview mentioned a tenant farmer, but how on earth would she hide the pregnancy? And why would she give the baby up until she’s certain about what has happened to Michael Gregson?

Meanwhile, maybe Alfred and Ivy will finally just run off together and be done with it. That’d be a relief. And can Dr. Clarkson be trying again at romance with Isobel? Fingers crossed.

“Downton Abbey” has about wrapped its fourth season in the U.K., but never fear — the annual Christmas special is still coming up in December. And the season premieres in the U.S. Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014.

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