laura carmichael charles edwards downton abbey season 4 'Downton Abbey' Season 5: Will Gregson come back? 'I hope so!' says Laura CarmichaelOne of the most dramatic storylines of “Downton Abbey” Season 4 was Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) becoming pregnant and giving up her baby for a secret adoption in Switzerland, then choosing to go back to get her infant daughter in the season finale.

Carmichael took part in an online chat Monday (Feb. 24) with “Downton” fans, where she teases what’s to come in Season 5 with Edith, plus a few other fun tidbits about the show.

Q: “Do you think Mr. Gregson will reappear? I was so happy that Edith found love.”
Carmichael: “I hope so! Only [Julian Fellowes] knows for sure. Gregson is a great character. I loved working with Charlie Edwards.”

Q: “At the end of episode 8
she seemed to really take control of her life, I hope she
continues in this mode – do you enjoy playing her when she has a little
more gumption?”
Carmichael: “Yes.
She was incredibly brave in Season 4. Going against something her
parents would have disproved of. It would have been such a a scandal at
this time but Edith felt she had to retrieve her baby.”

Q: “Why doesn’t Edith have a lady’s maid?”
Carmichael: “Because she is not married. Although she does have a housemaid who dresses her called Madge. She appears in some scenes downstairs. … We (the cast) all love how Madge is a bit of a mystery, ha!”

Q: “The dresses have advanced since Season 1. Do you like Season 4 dresses better than season 1?”
Carmichael: “I love the dresses in Season 4!! They are far more risqué which is fun & they are more comfy. I do still have a soft spot for the more Edwardian dresses though. They seem romantic in a different way.”

Q: “Have you developed friendships with your other cast members. What do you all do together when you are not filming?”
Carmichael: “We are all very close. Its been an amazing journey for us all, so I think it’s really bonded us. On set when not filming we are obsessed with this scrabble game called Bananagrams! Tom Cullen introduced us to it.”

We would like to request that this “Madge” character get a storyline in Season 5, filming for which is underway now. “Downton Abbey” returns in the U.K. in September and January 2015 in the U.S.

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