“Downton Abbey” star Michelle Dockery is branching out from Lady Mary: A Funny or Die video stars Dockery as Connie Tough, a Chicago police detective in “Tough Justice.” Can the actress known for her period-piece acting hold her own with partner Michael Chiklis and narrator Jon Hamm?

Or is Dockery doomed to revert back to Lady Mary status?

Of course, this isn’t a trailer for a real TV show. Funny or Die has, however, hit the mark in making this a TNT crime drama — they’re all about tough female cops, aren’t they? The addition of the ladylike Dockery might even bring in some diversity.

The video is a little confusing though. As Tough, Dockery starts out as a hardcore cop with an American accent before reverting rather suddenly to “Downton”-esque parody. Maybe that’s why her police captain begs, “This anachronistic behavior has to stop!”

For his trouble, Dockery merely gives the cop a classic Lady Mary eyeroll.

Would you watch “Tough Justice” if it were real? Does Lady Mary have what it takes to stop criminals?

Posted by:Laurel Brown