Dr. Drew Pinsky (of “Celebrity Rehab” and “Loveline” fame) says that he wants his career to push him into uncomfortable situations — so it’s safe to say his recent moderation of MTV’s “No Easy Decision” was on point.

Pinsky opened up about the controversial abortion special at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour while promoting his new HLN talk show.

“That made me very uncomfortable for many reasons,” says Pinsky, “but I felt the conversation was worth having.”

In addition to the fact that he had to keep his opinions to himself — something he admits he’s not used to — Pinsky was worried how it might be edited. “We filmed for two or three hours,” he says, “I may not like how the story goes.”

He seems pleased with the outcome though, possibly due in part to the fact that the discussion he moderated didn’t elicit too many surprises for him.

“I’m like a prosecuting attorney,” says Pinsky. “I know what the answers are before I ask the question.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell