travis stork doctors 320 Dr. Travis Stork on 'The Doctors,' 'Friday Night Lights' and working two jobsDr. Travis Stork has been busy since his time on “The Bachelor.” He was approached several years ago to start doing medical advice segments for “Dr. Phil” and that snow-balled into co-hosting “The Doctors.” He credits his time on “The Bachelor” with giving him the experience to feel comfortable on TV.

“I really had no intentions of doing anything else on TV,” Dr. Stork tells Zap2it when we visited the set. “But Jay McGraw, the son of Dr. Phil, was creating a show that would answer not psychological questions but medical questions. I happened to have the experience from being on ‘The Bachelor,’ which allowed me to gain some comfort level with the world of TV.”

But Dr. Stork could not just up and move to Los Angeles to work on “The Doctors” — he’s an ER physician at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. So instead of having to choose between the two jobs, he chose to juggle them both. Now he works in the Nashville ER Sunday through Wednesday, hops a flight to L.A., films “The Doctors” for two days and flies back to Nashville on Saturday.

“It’s not a lifestyle that you can sustain forever,” laughs Dr. Stork. “I’m still young, I
still have a lot of good energy. It allows me to have a really nice
balance, it’s been great. I’m hosting this
show I’m very proud of, but when I go back home it’s so low-key and
normal. It’s a gift.”

“On Saturday mornings when I go to the airport, I’m going home. And when
I come back to here to host the show, in a way I’m coming to my second
home,” he continues. “I look forward to both. My friends in Nashville are very
supportive of what I’m doing here and vice versa. It’s been great.”

One thing Dr. Stork loves about being on “The Doctors” is being able to disseminate his jack-of-all-trades medical knowledge to such a wide audience.

“In the ER, you take care of every problem. What I’ve tried to do with the show is bring that global perspective of medicine,” says Dr. Stork. “I take great pride in that fact that people can come to our show and get some quality, unbiased medical information.”

“We try to make sure in every show, you’re going to learn something that affects you,” he continues, citing example episodes such as “Your Health from A to Z,” “How to Get it Out” and “The Top 10 Things You’re Doing that Affect Your Health.”

We asked Dr. Stork if there was something he’d like to do on “The Doctors” that hasn’t been touched upon yet and he couldn’t really think of anything — but he did have a great semi-joking answer that would let him take a little trip outside Los Angeles.

“You know what, we should do a segment on biking through wine country,” laughs Dr. Stork. “It’s double the benefits — you’re biking, that’s good for your heart. A glass of wine a day is supposed to be good for your heart.”

Being so busy with two jobs (and flying across the country multiple times a week), we weren’t sure if Dr. Stork had much time for television, but he does have one show he can’t miss.

“‘Friday Night Lights’ is my favorite show for the last few years. That’s the show that I can’t miss,” says Dr. Stork. “I’ve never seen a show that was of higher quality that people didn’t watch.”

Below is a sneak peek at an upcoming episode in which Dr. Stork let “The Doctors” film him at his Nashville ER job for the very first time. The episode airs Thursday, Nov. 11.

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