drake bell taco bell kimye baby north west name gi Drake Bell and Taco Bell mock Kim and Kanye's baby North West

Drake Bell knows that Kim and Kanye‘s baby North West has a funny name and fast-food chain Taco Bell is now in on the joke. The result is both a hilarious joke on the Kimye baby and an example of incredible viral marketing.

Unless, of course, Drake Bell really does plan to name his first child “Taco.”

The amusing bit of foolishness and marketing genius began early Sunday (June 23) on Twitter. Perhaps fueled by some late-night snacking, the actor posted the following to his more than 2 million followers:

“In honor of Kim and Kanye’s baby ‘North West’ I will be naming my first son ‘Taco'”

In the silly, anarchic and quick-to-jump-on-a-good-joke world of Twitter, this Taco Bell joke spread like wildfire — over 250,000 have retweeted the post in its first two days of existence. Most of those retweets, however, were from amused individuals with no stake in such a name.

That wasn’t the case for Taco Bell. Like many large corporations these days, Taco Bell maintains a Twitter account. Unlike most of those corporations, the Taco Bell account can be a lot of fun (Example: “Friends are temporary. Taco Bell is forever.”). This was indeed the case when the existing Taco Bell retweeted Drake’s thoughts on a future Taco Bell.

Then the Mexican fast-food restaurant sent an additional message over to Drake:

“@DrakeBell Can’t wait.”

Unfortunately, Drake Bell — an actor and musician best known for his roles on Disney’s “Drake & Josh” and “The Amanda Show” — is still a young fellow with a few years to catch up to Kim and Kanye on the silly baby names.

We can’t wait either.

Posted by:Laurel Brown