drake bell justin bieber belieber twitter feud Drake Bell versus Justin Bieber's 'Beliebers' (again)Apparently, actor Drake Bell really gets a kick out of trolling Justin Bieber fans (“Beliebers”), because he’s at it again on Twitter.

This “feud” started back in mid-March, when Bieber tweeted that he was “doing some writing” and Bell tweeted back, “Yeah right.”

The Beliebers descended, writing things like, “Justin don’t worry about him, he’s just a un- educated c*** to this world!” and “ewww u ugly ass stupid c*** why did your mom even give birth to u? Stab yourself drown yourself then go die in a corner !!!!!!”

The c-word. That’s … not something you see every day.

Bell responded to the Beliebers with, “Guys get over it! I don’t ‘hate’ Justin bieber!! His fans are the
problem!! I’ve never said he was gay or had no talent! It is his

The former Nickelodeon star then poked this particular bear again on March 30 when he posted a series of jabs at Bieber comparing him to early ’90s Mark Wahlberg (you know, of “the Funky Bunch”).

Beliebers once again got all riled up. One fan wrote, “YOUR A F*****” and Bell responded with, “first of all it’s “you’re” second, why do beliebers always have to use gay slurs?! The language from you kids is disgusting!!”

Bell has also been poking the Chris Brown fans (Team Breezy), by tweeting out a link to this YouTube video where Andy Levy takes Brown and Team Breezy to task.

The Breezies swooped down on Bell like hellfire and Bell responded with things like, “you defend a man who puts women in the hospital wow” and “a real man doesn’t beat women and put them in the hospital. Sad how society welcomes that behavior. It’s sick.”

Perhaps someone should explain to Bell about this wild west place we call “the internet” and that he really should not engage with these people.

But Bell is back at it again, tweeting this on April 6:

The Beliebers have been responding appropriately:

“u have no life go f*** urself no one likes u and I’m gonna kill u fata**” — Caley Murphy.

“you’re like begging to be killed by us you f***ing idiot” — Kidrauhlogy.

“row row row your boat gently off a cliff. I hope you break your neck and die, you will not be missed.” — True Belieber Melanie.

“STFU YOU F***ING idiot. Justin have saved way too many lives b****” — Boy Belieber.

Bell has since responded with, “@justinbieber you have the worst most insane fans in the world!!”

But Bell has apparently decided enough is enough, writing, “Putting a moratorium on tweets about beliebers…this will be the last
one. Just wanted to show how sick and twisted people can get.”

Mission accomplished?

Though in the midst of the interactions, Bell challenged Beliebers to meet him at the airport when he landed Sunday (April 7) and apparently some of them took him up on it. Luckily, no one was hurt. It even sounds like it went pretty well.

“Thanks to everyone who greeted me at the airport! That was fun and I got
to meet some of the normal/nice beliebers. Breath of fresh air!!,” writes Bell.

So far, it appears as though Bieber himself is staying out of the fracas.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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