justin deeley drop dead 325 'Drop Dead Diva's' Justin Deeley: 'I'm very into dancing alone'Zap2it: You’re playing Paul, the latest angel sent to help the soul of fashionable Deb, now living in the body of lawyer Jane. How are you enjoying the job?

Justin Deeley: He’s a lot of fun to play. I’ve never really gotten to do a comedic character — at least paid. Paul is … the 6-year-old that lives within all of us. Anytime I’m having trouble with a scene, I just think, “If I was 6 years old, how would I do this?”

Zap2it: How is Paul handling being back on Earth and being a guardian angel?

Justin Deeley: In his previous life, he worked a little too hard. He took a lot of things for granted, as far as life. And he’s come back, and he’s got this body that he never could have. He never really worked out. He says, “Look what I can do. Look how strong I am.” He just celebrates that and explores. As the season progresses, he begins to, as all angels do, develop a relationship with Jane. And he starts working in the [law] firm.

Zap2it: Do you relate to him as a person?

Justin Deeley: Yes, the child part of him greatly. A lot of people that know me well will go, “Do you act like this around everybody?” Because I’m very goofy. I’m very into dancing alone. I just love that spirit, and I’m glad it lives within me. It’s really fun when you get to “pretend” to do it and, and to do it for a job is great.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare