dog and beth on the hunt interview 1 cmt Duane 'Dog' Chapman: 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt' is a family business

While most know Duane “Dog” Chapman as the centerpiece of televised bounty hunting, thanks to the long-running “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” his current series is expanding the focus quite a big. “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” which recently started its second season on CMT, gets the his family in the picture more than ever.
Of course his wife Beth is there, as the show’s title can attest. However, he’s also hunting with two other generations of Chapman. For the first time ever, Dog isn’t just hunting with his son Leland, but his grandson Dakota.
“My grandson went through the ROTC here in Hawaii and and the United States Armed Services came to grab him at graduation,” Chapman tells Zap2it. “But he was going to hunt with grandpa.” So Dakota went through the training, got certified and now follows his dad and grandparents as they travel the country to hunt down criminals.
“This season, Dakota is the watcher, he’s the eyes,” Dog says. That doesn’t mean he isn’t getting in on the action, though. Chapman continues, “Recently, I put him at the back door. We were training some girls and I sent him in with them.”

While it sounds like an easy enough job, things quickly got out of hand. “When we hit the front door, Leland and I didn’t even knock. Both of our bodies crashed through the front door,” he says. “All of a sudden I hear, ‘Freeze motherf***er! On the ground, don’t you f***cking move!’ and I go outside and grandson has him on the ground.”
“Oh my God, these kids are maniacs,” Chapman jokes. “It’s all Beth’s fault.”

For her part, Beth views what they do as a family business, and one they’ve worked hard to attain. “We weren’t a family that was really given anything. We had to work for every single thing we’ve gotten,” she says. “The main message is that people who come from meager beginnings can have a great life and accomplish anything.”
As for the future, chances are the Chapman family has a long bounty hunting legacy ahead of them. “My youngest is 13 and he’s lying that he’s 15 and 16 to get a ride along with the police,” Dog says of Gary, who already knows he wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps. “His teacher calls me and says a boy jumped a girl at school and Gary sat on him. He held the guy in a headlock until the teacher came.”
When Chapman explained to his son that he had to follow the rules at school, even if they didn’t make sense to him, he jokingly added, “I know we’re not normal, but we have to pretend that we are.”
“Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.
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