duck dynasty phil robertson scandal gq timeline gi 'Duck Dynasty': A timeline of A&E's Phil Robertson suspension and reversal

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has been reinstated by A&E after a previous suspension. Since it’s only been a short time since this whole controversy erupted over comments Robertson made to GQ — regarding homosexuality and racism — here’s a timeline of the events.

Dec. 18: Robertson’s comments are released online in an interview scheduled for the January 2014 issue of GQ. When asked what he considered sinful, Robertson replied, “Start with homosexual behavior” and then brought up bestiality, adultery, racism and prejudice against non-Christian religions.

Dec. 18: Within hours, GLAAD releases a statement that calls Robertson’s remarks about homosexuality “a stain on A&E.”

Dec. 18: A&E announces the indefinite suspension of Phil.

Dec. 18: “Duck Dynasty” fans respond with a petition to reinstate Phil and plans to boycott A&E. By the time the network relents, more than 250,000 sign.

Dec. 19: Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz claim that the controversy is trying to suppress Robertson’s right to free speech.

Dec. 19: The Robertson family issues a statement in which they defend Phil and question the continuation of “Duck Dynasty” without him: “As a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.”

Dec. 20: Cracker Barrel announces that it will no longer sell “Duck Dynasty” items in its stores.

Dec. 20: PETA jumps in to the fray because they can and condemns the “slayers of ducks.”

Dec. 21: Charlie Sheen randomly jumps into the scandal by using Twitter to demand an apology from the “shower dodger.”

Dec. 22: Robertson responds publicly to the controversy, saying he loves all people but would not retract his earlier statements.

Dec. 22: Cracker Barrel reverses its position and resumes selling “Duck Dynasty” merchandise.

Dec. 24: Twitter blocks a website hosting a pro-Phil Robertson petition. The social-networking site later reversed this decision.

Dec. 24: Palin admits that she never actually read Robertson’s interview before declaring her support for his freedom of speech.

Dec. 25: A&E runs its pre-scheduled Christmas “Duck Dynasty” marathon.

Dec. 26: All’s quiet on the A&E front.

Dec. 26: Never one to stay away from a good controversy, Jesse Jackson compares Robertson to the driver when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus.

Dec. 27: On an otherwise quiet Friday night amidst the holiday season, A&E makes the surprise announcement that Phil would be returning to “Duck Dynasty” with new episodes coming in the spring.

Posted by:Laurel Brown