duck dynasty before willie robertson miss kay lands 'Duck Dynasty' before photo: Willie Robertson with no beardThe “Duck Dynasty” men are looking pretty sharp — and shockingly clean cut — in a never before seen family photo published by Life & Style.

From left to right, looking clean-shaven and very non-camouflaged are Willie Robertson, Alan Robertson — who hasn’t changed much, as he is already the notoriously beardless brother, their mom, “Miss Kay” Robertson, Jase Robertson, and the youngest brother, Jep Robertson.
It seems the magazine got the old pic from a family friend, who points out that while Willie and company’s appearances have changed drastically — and so has the bottom line of their bank accounts — the tight-knit family has “all stayed pretty much the same over the years.”

Willie has always been the jokester of the family,” says the family friend. “Alan is the only one who kept the clean-cut look. And Jase and Jep have always been quieter and more reserved than their brother Willie.”

Miss Kay has certainly upgraded her look since the family’s Duck Commander business took off. And who knew Willie was hiding such adorable dimples under that beard? Does this even look like the same family?

duck dynasty family wedding fu 'Duck Dynasty' before photo: Willie Robertson with no beard
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