duck dynasty day arizona school aetv 'Duck Dynasty' day gets school district in hot water with NAACP

A school district in Arizona is being forced to apologize after a “Duck Dynasty”-themed spirit day during prom week turned ugly. 
The student council at Queen Creek High School planned a school wide “Redneck Day,” in which students were encouraged to satirize Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, and the rest of the cast of A&E’s wildly popular reality show, “Duck Dynasty.”
But parents and local community leaders lodged complaints over the term redneck, and were miffed when a student showed up wearing a confederate flag. “I’m sitting here crying and praying,” says Rev. Ozetta Kirby, who is vice president of the local NAACP chapter, and whose grandson is a junior at the high school. Kirby tells The Republic, “We all know the connotation of ‘redneck.'”
Tom Lindsey, the superintendent of the school district, says the only purpose of the event was to spoof the camouflage-wearing Duck Commander crew, and explains that the child wearing the flag was pulled aside and asked to change clothes. “It was no ill intent,” Lindsey says, and adds that the student involved was not aware of a negative connotation behind the flag. “We apologize to any people who, because of the word (redneck), were offended,” says Lindsey. 

Still, Rev. Oscar Tillman who heads up the Maricopa County NAACP branch says, “Our community knows what that flag represents. … A school is supposed to be for education and showing people where we come from, our history, and to try not to go back to some things.”
For the record, the “Duck Dynasty” cast, who readily identify themselves as “rednecks” do not wear confederate flags.

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