duck dynasty gift guide 'Duck Dynasty' holiday gift guide: From duck calls to DVDs, we have all your camo needs

The holidays, they are a’comin’, if you didn’t already know. And while you can’t throw a dead duck in a store nowadays without hitting something “Duck Dynasty” themed, Zap2it waded through all the options (with waders, of course) to find the best of the items out there for your loved ones this holiday season (but you’ll find lots more in the stores, including their Holiday Album.) Because everyone needs a little more camo in their lives, don’t they? 
Gifts under $25:
Uncle Si’s Tea Cup ($6.95): Direct from the Duck Commander website, the official Uncle Si tea cup. As similar to his as you can get (the story is he got his from his mom while in the U.S. Army. Awww.)
Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food–Bringing Our Home to Your Table ($13.75): Miss Kay herself has assembled over 100 family recipes (like Jase’s Favorite Sweet Potato Pie and Phil’s Crawfish Fettuccine) along with, no lie, boiled squirrel. Definitely some new and different options for your holiday gathering, and a nice smattering of old Robertson photos as well. 

duck dynasty redneck wisdom trivia game 'Duck Dynasty' holiday gift guide: From duck calls to DVDs, we have all your camo needs

Silver Duck Necklace ($12.95): A pretty little duck-in-flight charm with “Duck Dynasty” stamped on it. Subtle and charming.
The “Redneck Wisdom” Party Game ($24.95): With over 500 questions, quotes, and trivia bit about the Robertson family, you can bring a little bit of the family dinner table “Robertson Redneck Wisdom” to your living room. 

duck dynasty chia willie 'Duck Dynasty' holiday gift guide: From duck calls to DVDs, we have all your camo needs

Gifts under $50:

The Willie Robertson Chia Pet Head ($29.95): No foolin’, you can watch Willie’s beard get full and luscious right before your very eyes, while adding a little bit of color to your household. Bring nature indoors! 
Duck Commander logo hoodie ($34.95): It’s mossy green, so you can hide well, while still showing your “Duck Dynasty” pride.

Duckmen 1-3 DVD Combo Pack ($29.95): Before there was the A&E show, there were the instructional videos, The Duckmen (1998, 1993, and 1995.) All three are available in a set.
Duck Dynasty” A&E Seasons 1-3 ($37.49): Of course, you have to have the show DVDs, right? For when you just need to see a certain episode again and your kids have been messing with the DVR again.

Gifts under $100:

The “Duck Dynasty” videogame ($56.00): It’s a plug-n-play, in your living room duck hunting option – no game console or software needed. You can practice your shooting skills without putting on camo pants. Or pants at all, really.

The “Duck Dynasty” Bobblehead Set ($74.85): All four of your favorite Robertson men can hold court with you while you tune in. Jase, Si, Willie (not in his camo even) and Phil. 

Bucket Seat Covers ($74.95/pair): Let everyone who sees you in your truck (or whatever you may drive) know that you’re on board with the Robertsons. Water repellent too, so you can drop your tea cup without worrying. 

Gifts over $100 (good golly… what are you, made of money?):

Diamondback Duck Call, Cold Blooded Series ($179.95): We must remember — this all started with a duck call. And the official Duck Commander website has a selection of different calls (including a pink one for the ladies, even) at varying prices. At the time of publication, this one was the most expensive of the bunch.

duck dynasty recliner 'Duck Dynasty' holiday gift guide: From duck calls to DVDs, we have all your camo needs

The Catnapper Camo Magnum Recliner ($899.95): Everyone wants a comfortable spot to watch the show, and this thing is the ultimate. It massages and heats your bum, too. And it is built “extra wide for extra comfort.” 
What’s one thing we didn’t include? Any t-shirts. Because there are hundreds of “Happy Happy Happy” options out there, in pretty much every store, and in every mall.  But we have to say… we like this flip-up Uncle Si one the best.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson