phil robertson duck dynasty ae 'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson and 'MacGyver' are the ultimate rednecks
Before we dive in to the Louisiana hijinks of Wednesday’s (Jan. 29) episode of “Duck Dynasty,” did you hear Willie was at the “State of the Union” address? Yes, that happened
Anyway, back to tonight’s “From Duck ‘Til Dawn.”
Alarm and Hammer
The warehouse bunch needs to pull an all-nighter to fulfill a big order. Jase says he likes staying up all night because it’s “easier to maintain the monotony of putting together duck calls when you’re a little loopy.” Loopier than normal, that is. Willie tries to be “one of the guys” but he just doesn’t fit in with them; Jase says Willie “cramps his style.” 
If Willie cramps Jase’s style, a random high-pitched chirp from a smoke detector is even worse. Jase and Willie spend most of the night hunting the culprit, which gets ceremoniously stomped into pieces by Jase. Willie ends up falling asleep during the all-nighter and gets a set of “Groucho” eyebrows magic-markered onto his face as a penalty. 
Sleepaway Gramps
Can you imagine having Phil Robertson as your grandpa? Now, Miss Kay as a grandma would help offset the spooky, but still. Two of his little granddaughters, Mia and Priscilla, are over for the night. Sleepover! But Phil sabotages the situation by telling them ghost stories, complete with a flashlight under the … where his chin should be.
But the stories aren’t that scary. More gross, involving Si, meatloaf and barf. And scary ol’ Gramps, who falls asleep before the kids, gets whipped-creamed by his granddaughters at the end. Sleepover prank traditions abound!
Best part of the episode: the Duck Commander crew reminisces over “MacGyver.” Best. Show. Ever. Si even pretends to be “Mc-Si-ver.” Hee.

Best lines: 
“She was a looker. Like them chicks on ‘The Weather Channel’ you know what I’m sayin’.” – Phil
“You don’t wanna overdo it. If you do, you’ll be wanderin’ the street looking for your next Pixy-Stix.” – Si, sugaring up for his all-nighter
“As a hunter, I think this is one of the most enjoyable kills I’ve ever had.” – Jase, after smashing the smoke detector
Posted by:Kiley Thompson