ducky dynasty phil robertson sermon anti gay gi 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson on GQ controversy: 'I'm really just quoting what God said'
Phil Robertson understands if people hate him. And he doesn’t really care. 
In a new interview with Us Weekly (Sept. 3), the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch explains his world view:”I don’t worry too much about people hating or insulting me. I’m a sinful man, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. People have reason to hate me.”
Robertson specifically addresses two quotes from the GQ interview from last year, which resulted in a huge national backlash. He was quoted as equating homosexuality as a sin with bestiality and adultery, to which Robertson replies he was just quoting the Bible. “All I did was quote a passage of scripture from antiquity. They’re mad at me, but I’m really just quoting what God said, so He’s the one they have a problem with.”

He was also quoted as saying he was “with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field. …They’re singing and happy” during pre-Civil Rights-era times. Now, Robertson states he was just giving his experience. “The point I was making was that even when our black brothers didn’t have their civil rights, those people had that one thing the government couldn’t take from them: their faith. They would sing spiritual songs as they were going across those cotton fields.”
“Old Jesse [Jackson] got mad at me and said something about how I was a Jim Crow and a racist,” Robertson says. “We don’t look at people like black, white, and brown. We’re all members of the human race.”

For all those who may hate him, there’s still a big group of Phil supporters. Robertson is counting on that group to check out his new book, “unPHILtered: The Way I See It.”
“Duck Dynasty” wrapped Season 6 on A&E in August 2014. Season 7’s premiere hasn’t been announced at this time.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson