duck dynasty recap uncle si quotes so you think you can date ae 'Duck Dynasty' recap: 17 best lines from 'So You Think You Can Date'“Duck Dynasty” Season 4, Episode 2 revolves primarily around the Duck Commander crew — and their wives — helping co-worker and family friend Justin Martin prepare for a date. 

The secondary story line involves family patriarch Phil Robertson trying to wean his granddaughters from their iPods and teach them to connect with nature.

Here are the most quotable lines from “So You Think You Can Date”:
“Baby if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it.” 
Si Robertson, singing while fishing

“If fish were vampires, Si would be like garlic, daylight, and a stake through the heart … simultaneously.”
-Phil on fishing with Si
“You have a date … ? Is it Mother’s Day?”
-Willie to Martin

“Play the game? I was a player before they even invented the game, Jack.”
-Uncle Si on dating
“I didn’t date the girl from the ice cream parlor because she sampled the goods too much … if you get my drift.”
-Si on dating [almost] every girl in town
“Y’all are like snack-eating computer freaks.”
-Phil to his granddaughters
“He can’t ‘be himself.’ That’s like throwin’ him to the wolves.”
Willie Robertson, disagreeing with Korie Robertsons dating advice for Martin
“He dresses like a seventh grader … who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant.”
-Korie on Martin’s look
“His decorating style is kinda like a mix between ‘The Brady Bunch’ and that killer from ‘Silence of the Lambs.'”
-Willie, upon seeing Martin’s abode for the first time
“We have entered the bowels of bachelorhood.”
Jase Robertson, upon seeing Martin’s abode for the first time
“You’re hoarding mustard, and you have an inordinate amount of socks.”
-Jase, after rooting through Martin’s house
“They’re already suffering from digital dementia.”
-Phil regarding his granddaughters
“Grandkids need to know standard things: How to bait a hook, how to cast a bait, how to bite a little snake in half — basic child rearing stuff.”
-Phil while fishing with his granddaughters
“You look like a hairy Easter egg.”
-Si, upon surveying Martin’s date outfit
“Darlin’, you’re on fire — like donut grease.”
-Si’s idea of a compliment for Martin’s lucky lady
“Women are dangerous creatures. They got ragin’ hormones, mood swings, lip stick, hairspray … They got all these little sticky pins in their hair. Hey, you talk about dangerous — one wrong move? ‘Boom!’ You’re gone.”
-Si’s philosophy on women
“If you like her, you need to put a ring on her.”
-Si, singing again
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