duck dynasty scarecrow uncle si cherokee tribune 'Duck Dynasty' scarecrow: Uncle Si theft leads to arrest of Georgia juvenile

A Canton, Ga. teen was arrested for the theft of a “Duck Dynasty” scarecrow in nearby Ball Ground, Ga. The unnamed juvenile is accused of making off with the impressive likeness of the A&E reality show’s Uncle Si, and burning the scarecrow to the ground.
“We discovered after a little investigation that a juvenile had taken it,” Police Chief Byron Reeves tells the local Cherokee Tribune. “It was nothing but ashes. It was completely gone.”
The Uncle Si scarecrow came replete with camouflage, glasses and a jug of iced tea. It was part of a series of scarecrows created by students as a fundraiser for Ball Ground Elementary School. 
A $1,000 reward was offered by the city for information on the disappearance of the scarecrow.

The accused juvenile “was just passing through downtown Ball Ground and thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him,” says City Manager Eric Wilmarth. “[He] just didn’t think about the consequences, and I am sure didn’t think there would be so much publicity.
Wilmarth says the teen burned the scarecrow to get rid of it.

Now the principal of the school is looking for ways to turn this into a learning opportunity for his students, and is even hoping perhaps some of the “Duck Dynasty” stars will show up to add a silver lining to the situation.
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