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It’s “Duck Dynasty” night on Wednesday (Mar. 19), and we get to hang out with Sadie Robertson, which is a far cry from the usual amount of hair involved on this show.
Sadie Goes to Work
Take Your Business Student to Work Day! Sadie arrives to shadow the back-breaking tasks at Duck Commander, and as usual, the work-ethic clash between her dad and uncle continues to rage. But we learn she does have a decent jump shot during the usual warehouse basketball game. 
Anyone get a memory glimpse of retro “Teen Wolf” when Jase is playing basketball? All that hair. Moving on.

Jase, the self-proclaimed idea man, pulls out his best one ever — the cow blind. A giant fake cow head to be used to hide in in order to fool ducks. They camouflage it up, with some serious crazy eyes, take it out and, much to Willie’s chagrin, actually get a few ducks. He does say Jase will get 10% of all the “cow blind” profits, but since they won’t be producing them, it doesn’t matter anyway and Willie gets the last laugh. Sort of. Willie says he was trying to teach Sadie not to be like Jase, but the thing did actually work.
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Meanwhile …

Jep and Phil take Jep’s kids to a petting zoo, right after Phil proclaims that his favorite kinds of animals are usually grilled. He does give us some insight into different kinds of excrement that can be used as toys though.
At the zoo, grandkids Priscilla and Meritt are introduced to “mutton busting.” Kids ride on the sheep. The sport of kings! Coming to the next Summer Olympics! Phil decides to reward his “winning” grandkid Meritt with $5 when she’s able to stay on the sheep for more than 8 seconds. No participation trophies for Robertsons!
Best Lines:
  • “The duck call room is actually a combination of science, innovation and art, all coming together. We are like a rednecked NASA. We are boldly going where no redneck has gone before.” – Jase
  • “I like sheep.” – Miss Kay
  • “Missiles are coming out the rear ends of these animals that can provide a lot of opportunity for your children.” – Phil
  • “They’re not mad. These cows are crazy.” – Uncle Si
Season 5 draws to a close next week with a one-hour season finale. Be there with your tea cup.
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