duck dynasty missy robertson jase robertson ae 'Duck Dynasty' Season 6 episode 2: Reed Robertson gets a diploma and some frogs in 'Quack and Gown'
It’s a pomp-and-circumstancy “Duck Dynasty” on Wednesday (June 18). Reed Robertson, Jase and Missy’s son, is a graduating high school senior.
Reed’s Graduation
Sure, Reed is graduating, but his dad doesn’t think the actual ceremony is necessary. He didn’t go to his own graduation ceremony, and as he says, he still graduated. He went frog hunting instead. And he wants to pass that tradition down to his son. 
Of course, Jase’s wife Missy doesn’t precisely agree with that idea. So Jase figures he’ll do the next best thing and take Reed frog hunting the night before graduation. By force. Frog hunting kidnapping, specifically, if Si had his way. 
But Reed heads out into the deep dark night with Uncle Willie, Great-uncle Si, and Dad, who are all a veritable fountains of bad, rambling advice as to college, and life, all while catching frogs. Willie’s big advice? Get the hot dogs that have cheese already in them. Eww.
Meanwhile …
Miss Kay, Korie, Jep and Jessica are putting together a photo album for Reed as a gift to take to college. While looking through old family photos, they get to discussing Robertson family pranks throughout the years, and Jessica admits she’s never “rolled a house.” As in, toliet-papered anyone’s home. They decide to attack Jase and Missy’s house that night. Miss Kay is more of a tp-ing decorator, determined to make the shrubs look nice. Korie, who is supposed to be a pro, keeps missing the mark.
Of course, they get caught. Miss Kay, instead of running, “makes like a stump” and hides in the bushes. They were the loudest pranksters ever. 
In the end, Reed and the frog catchers make a run for some hot donuts, and Willie tries to get Jase to open up about his pain over Reed leaving the nest. Jase’s response? “Phhlllppppbbbt.” But he does say he’s going to get in as many frog hunts before Reed leaves home as he can. 
And just for the record, Reed’s middle name is Silas. Awww.
Best Lines:
  • “He’s a grown man. Get him dressed? If he doesn’t get dressed, he will stand out at graduation.” — Jase
  • “There are a few important rules to know when you’re rolling a house. First one, know your enemy. Second, you have to have a rock solid team. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” — Jep
    “Oh, I’ll make snacks.” — Miss Kay, when discussing house-rolling tasks
  • “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Pick the rocks up, and start breaking the windows. It’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life.” — Jase
  • “I love cheese.” — Willie
  • “Do me a favor, and shut yer yapper.” — Jase
Posted by:Kiley Thompson