willie robertson duck dynasty duck commander warehouse ae 'Duck Dynasty' Season 6 episode 3: Willie and Si are all 'Hands on a Woodchipper'
It’s a supersized “Duck Dynasty” on Wednesday (June 25) — the episode ran a few minutes long (so if you were DVRing, sorry about that. But read on.) And just so you know, there was a lot more potty humor in this episode that any other in recent memory.
Willie and Korie’s neighbor, Mountain Man, is doing a “hands-on” event for his “radio show” — when everyone keeps a hand on a truck or something and the last person standing wins it. Willie is the sole sponsor (or “sucker” as Si calls him) and Mountain Man uses the grand Willie coughed up to “help the community” to buy a wood chipper.
Si decides he’s going to compete, and not to be outdone (or out the money,) Willie, ever the competitor, decides at the last moment to jump in on the contest too … much to Jase’s delight. He’s downright giddy, inviting friends over to watch and helping Mountain Man with the radio show.
While he wants to win, Willie also says it’s a matter of safety. He doesn’t want Si to “Fargo” himself all over his backyard.” Nice. 

Luckily for him, Si can down a gallon of tea without going to the bathroom. Willie, on the other hand, isn’t so lucky. The man is in pain, and sweating through everything he’s wearing. His stomach isn’t pleased with him.
Meanwhile …

Jep’s little girl is growing up. In fact, 11-year-old Lily has her first “boyfriend.” And Jep is none too pleased. But he tags along on a mini-golf date with the elementary school couple. John Daniel (J.D.) is an adorable guy, who even brings flowers. Come on, Jep. That boy is cute. Leave him be.
In the end, it turns out J.D. is a hunter, which wins over Jep, and even though Willie says he’ll “poop his pants” before he loses to Si, he gets tricked by Jase into letting go of the wood chipper, just in time to run to the bathroom. Looks like Si is going to have to be watched carefully.
Best Lines:
  • “I’ve been known to play the diarrhea card more than a few times.” — Willie
  • “Jep. Don’t be a weirdo.” — Jessica
  • “That’s a versatile machine. You can use it as a paper shredder, meat grinder, blower, can opener, garbage disposal, juicer. You can turn it into a torture chamber. And guess what, I’m in the market for all those things.” — Si
  • “You pee every 12 minutes, Jack.” — Willie to Si
    “He’s holding it in, and he’s holding on.” — Mountain Man
  • “I can see through those glasses and those Bieber haircut, bud. Keep your grubby, cootie-mitts off my daughter.” — Jep
  • “Oh no! We have a developing situation!” — Jase
Oh, the potty humor. 
Posted by:Kiley Thompson