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After last week’s potty humor laden “Duck Dynasty,” things calmed down a bit tonight on Wednesday’s (July 2) episode. 
Seriously, last week’s “Woodchipper” episode had just too many poop jokes. This show is simple and fun, sure. But can we just not be so gross?
Duck Commander throws a pancake breakfast to support the West Monroe fire department. We love us some pancakes and bacon. Just like Willie. Or maybe he’s just trying to make up for the fact that he once gave the police chief an “atomic wedgie.”
But Police Chief Chuckles (remember, this is Louisiana) sets Willie, Jase, and Jep up to learn about fighting fires for an afternoon. Mental illnesses or emotional traumas aside. Of course, like every activity, all of the fire-fighting tasks involve the Robertson boys arguing. And in this case, while wearing beard-protecting fire-retardant covers, which look like white ski caps. 

In the end, Willie faces his fear of heights — but gets stuck rappelling down the training tower — all while getting a harness-incurred wedgie, much to the delight of his brothers. It was all Chuckles’ revenge. 

Miss Kay takes some flowers to her grandmother CallieMae Carroway’s grave. At least, she tries to do this. Finding the grave, along with Phil and Si, took a lot of wandering around, Kay-style. While they’re there, Kay decides they should buy some plots in the cemetery for themselves. And Si. Next to a little pond. It’s pretty. For a cemetery.
And Si grosses Phil out by spitting sunflower seed shells out into a cup. It was a tad disgusting. Not “Woodchipper” level gross, but still.
Best Lines:
  • “My first stack was four; second stack was six. This one is seven. I cannot eat it uneven. It’s out of balance.” — Si
  • “She’ll be there tomorrow too.” — Phil, about Nanny CallieMae Carroway’s gravesite
  • “I haven’t stretched yet.” — Willie
    “You’re stretching out those pants.” — Jase
  • “When this fire comes out of here, you might not have a beard anymore.” — Police chief
    “Whaaaa?” — Jase
  • “I got to be a fireman for a day, and I got to see Willie get the biggest wedgie in the history of wedgies.” — Jase
How’s this season working out for you, readers? We’re a tad … well … bored. Maybe after all the fuss at the end of last year, they decided to take this season a little slowly?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson