duck dynasty willie robertson warehouse ae 'Duck Dynasty' Season 6 episode 5: Willie thinks it's time for a new Duck Commander look
We’ve been hoping things would pick up a bit on this season of “Duck Dynasty.” That hope didn’t come to fruition on Wednesday’s (July 9) episode. 
Willie wants to update the Duck Commander logo, which has been in the family, as Jase says, for 40 years. Jase, as usual, is not a fan of fixing something that isn’t broken (or does he just always take the opposite side of Willie? Not sure.) To show Willie’s high-priced brand consultant up, he gets the warehouse guys to doodle around and make a new logo because “anyone can make a new logo.”
Our favorite was Si’s, of course — a skinny, bearded duck with a rifle — even if Jase’s big font “DC” with a small duck drawing wins in the end (with the warehouse group) and even Willie liked it. Sorta. But they had fun making fake business cards with various new titles on them.
Willie’s daughter Bella needs to find the county benchmark — the highest point of elevation — in West Monroe, to get some extra credit in school. She asks Grandpa Phil to help show her where this point is, as he “just walks around in the woods,” as Willie says.
It turns out Phil doesn’t actually know what or where the benchmark is, so they spend the day … just wandering through the woods, and then he rants about the government’s need to document everything, including elevation. He’s the benchmark, he says, and a picture with him should be at least half credit.
In the end, Willie realizes that the Duck Commander logo doesn’t need changing. Just a tweaking, here and there, and he fired the brand design guy. Seriously, the man has a tattoo of the logo on his arm. That thing isn’t being changed.
Best Lines:
  • “The last thing I want for us to be is the Blockbuster video of the hunting world.” — Willie
  • “I’m already the vice president. You can’t have more than one vice president.” — Jase
  • “I am the benchmark.” — Phil
We’re missing out on some of our old laughs, “Duck Dynasty.” Things just aren’t feeling funny or fresh anymore. Has the show jumped the duck, as it were?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson