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We’ve come to the end of another season of “Duck Dynasty,” fans, and we’re celebrating Willie’s birthday. 
Jase decides to pull off a birthday “adventure” a la “Back to the Future” — taking Willie back to D’Arbonne Lake, where the Robertsons lived for a time in a trailer near the water, and where they spent their childhoods. But this time, with the means to do it up, they’re going to blow it out “right.” With the whole family. And a rented boat, and Godwin’s uncle’s lake house.
Except Jase doesn’t get the key for the house, and it takes them some time to locate it. Meanwhile, all the kids have to use the bathroom. Uncle Si doesn’t see the problem in using the lake as a toilet, and “the yuppies win” if he’s banned from doing so. 
The amount of toilet humor on this season of “Duck Dynasty” is troubling. And it’s not getting any better when Phil finds raccoon droppings inside the house and picks it up, with his fingers in the kitchen, and announces that he’s going on a coon hunt. 

The raccoon gets chased through the house by Phil, wielding a laundry basket. At least he didn’t shoot it in front of the girls. But he does threaten to put “a bullet in its brain pan” if it gets back into the house again, and releases it out in the woods.

Willie and a bunch of family head out on the rented speed boat, while Jep and Jase find a couple of jet-skis, but there’s no gasoline around for them. So they siphon some from Willie’s truck. Jep swallows a bunch in the process, leaving him ill. They catch up to Willie, and Jase “peer pressures” Willie into trying kneeboarding, which he, of course, hates. Because that’s the Willie and Jase dynamic: Jase pushes, Willie resists until he does whatever, and hates it, and Jase then laughs. End scene.
In the end, Jase redeems the kneeboarding gift by giving Willie the “gift of flight” — a trip on a JetLev Flyer, which was pretty cool.
Best Lines and Final Thoughts:
  • Jep’s suggestion of a karaoke machine should have happened. You know you wanted to see it. And his jet-skiing with dolphins story was, like he said, “awesome.”
  • I’ll bring dynamite and napalm. We’ll come to your house at night, see. It’ll be a big ole party.” — Uncle Si
After the issues the Robertsons had at the end of 2013, this season felt phoned in. Lots of easy jokes, set-ups and thin “plots.” It seemed less about their organic family dynamics and more about putting them all in silly situations. The first few seasons were more about the business, and the push-and-pull relationships between the brothers didn’t feel so scripted and forced. This season’s vehicles for cheap laughs became less and less funny as the season went on.
As one former fan stated in comments, the Robertsons are good people, but he’s less interested in the show when he can see their faces on every packaged good available at Wal*Mart. 
Has “Duck Dynasty” jumped the shark … or duck, as it were? Will you be back for Season 7?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson