jase robertson duck dynasty season 4 ae 'Duck Dynasty' star kicked out of New York hotel

The bearded men of “Duck Dynasty” paid a visit to “Live with Kelly and Michael” to chat with Michael Strahan and guest co-host Maria Menounos about Season 4 of their wildly popular show, premiering Wednesday night (Aug. 14).
When Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Phil Robertson“Uncle Si” Robertson, and Jep Robertson hit New York City to promote the season premiere, one of the first things they say happened is Jase got kicked out of their fancy hotel.
“I think it was a ‘facial profiling’ deal,” Jase says. “I asked where the bathroom was, and he said, ‘Right this way sir.’ Very nice. We walked outside, he pointed down the road and says, ‘Good luck.'” So I circled back around. My wife said, ‘What happened?’ and I said, ‘I just got kicked out.'”
The guys also talked about their forthcoming Christmas album, “Duck the Halls.” The cast claims there will be no lip syncing, but Phil says he wasn’t so sure that was a good idea going into it. “I tried to tell the whole Robertson clan, ‘Look, some things, let’s just stay away from,'” he says. “Singin’? Then I got to thinkin’ about it — you know, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson — I thought, ‘Aw, we could fake it.'”

As for the undiscovered, un-bearded brother who joins the cast this season, Alan Robertson “has got problems,” says Jase. “He mows his grass, he shaves, he dresses nice.” So basically, he’s nothing like the rest of the Robertson family. Alan isn’t part of the Duck Commander business.  He’s a preacher, who has given up his day job to reach more people with the gospel message through all the exposure he hopes to receive from the hit A&E show.
One last thing the group had to cover was the answer to Menounos’ pressing question about how duck hunting season works. It seems she might have been sorry she asked for the details. “I feel bad for the duckies,” says Menounos. Tho which Uncle Si replies, We have a yuppy girl in here!”

“Duck Dynasty” Season 4 airs at 10/9 central on A&E.
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