duck dynasty phil robertson petition site blocked twitter gi 'Duck Dynasty': Twitter blocks pro Phil Robertson website

Update: Twitter has now restored access to the pro-Robertson group and issued an apology for the “error.”
The “Duck Dynasty” saga continues: Twitter has blocked a website that supports star Phil Robertson amidst the reality star’s conflict with A&E over derogatory remarks about homosexuality and race. can no longer appear in tweets while the block is in place. The site’s owners, the Faith Driven Consumer organization, have complained about Twitter’s choice to limit their access to social media. “This marks at least the third major shutdown of a pro-Phil Robertson social media account since the story broke days ago,” a statement from the group claims. Faith Driven Consumer further claim they had no indication of Twitter’s explanation for the blocking and that the website did not host any malicious software, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

What is on the website? That would be a petition asking A&E to reinstate Robertson on “Duck Dynasty.” Thanks to sharing via sites like Twitter, Faith Driven Consumer collected almost 200,000 signatures in just a few days.

This is just the most recent conflict in the ongoing controversy surrounding Robertson and “Duck Dynasty.” The reality family’s patriarch finds himself on indefinite suspension from the show after an article in GQ quoted him as saying homosexuality was similar to bestiality and that black people were happier during the Jim Crow era of southern history.

Although Robertson will most likely appear in the upcoming Season 4 of “Duck Dynasty” — much of the season was filmed before the scandal erupted — his future and the future of the show remain in doubt at A&E. The network quickly distanced itself from Robertson’s comments, while the Robertson family released a statement in strong support of Phil.

It is unclear whether Twitter has blocked the pro-Robertson website permanently or only temporarily.

Posted by:Laurel Brown