amy duggar leaves home nashville 19 kids and counting tlc 'A Duggar Leaves Home': Cousin Amy Duggar heads to Nashville to pursue her country music dreams
“No matter how big the number, we’re all just family and we all treat each other with love and support. We respect each other. And even though we’re different, and there are different views, and different lifestyles that we’re all taking, we all love each other.  And love it all that matters.” — Amy Duggar
“19 Kids and Counting” may be on a midseason break, but there’s still one particular Duggar with a story to tell: Cousin Amy Duggar. And on Tuesday (June 10), she got a chance to tell it.
Using the word “normal” makes it sound like the Duggars are “abnormal,” so instead, let’s say Amy is “mainstream.” As she herself says, she may not have the same views as her more famous uncle, aunt, and cousins, but they’re all still family. “Crazy” Amy is an only child so she grew up hanging out with her cousins, interjecting a good deal of rambunctious fun and adventure into the family. She’s a rollerskating, skydiving, prank-loving ball of energy. And she loves the camera. 
Amy isn’t interested in courting or marriage. She wants to break into the country music scene, and she’s heading to Nashville, with help and support from her mom and grandma. And as she says, “you dive right in.” 

But she’s only going for two weeks at first. And this special follows her for only those two weeks. While we’re not country music specialists, we’re pretty sure trying to break into this industry in two weeks is slightly impossible. And she’s not really educated herself on what she needs to do. While fun loving and adventurous is great, this business is tough, Amy.
She does have one person there to help her. Jamie Slocum is a music producer, who met Amy about a year ago and has some confidence in her. While recording a couple of songs Jamie wrote for her, he’s bluntly honest that she’s not up to snuff — and gets a talking to from Grandma Duggar that he’s being too hard! Eeeek, embarrassing.

She ends up learning the songs and performs them at an open mic night later that week. One song went really well, but well, the other wasn’t a huge success. In fact, she kind of bombed it at first. It got better, but you never know who could have been in the audience, right? That could be a good, or a bad thing. One producer from a record label said she needs to build her confidence and grow a bit. 
Amy, you needed to watch yourself some “Nashville” before setting off to Nashville again.
What did you think of Amy’s voice? Would you buy her album?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson