tlc upfronts kate gosselin amy duggar special Duggars family spinoff, 'Kate Plus 8' special and more in TLC's Family ReunionTLC is planning a bit of a family reunion for its upcoming 2014-15 slate. The network announced at its Upfronts presentation that several of its new programs and specials will focus on some of its best-known families.

Chief among those new projects are “A Duggar Leaves Home,” a new special about “19 Kids and Counting’s” Amy Duggar moving to Nashville to pursue her dream of being a singer, airing in June. Then there’s a “Kate Plus 8” special that catches up with the Gosselin family as the sextuplets turn 10.
The Joneses from “Quints By Surprise” are coming back in a special called “Quints By Surprise: Five Years Old” which, as the title suggests, is about the quints turning 5 years old. All three family reunion specials will air in the second quarter of 2014.
Beyond that, TLC has five new TV series and five new specials it’s announced, including “The Leah Remini Project.” Find out more information about them below:
  • “The Leah Remini Project” (working title) — New series, summer 2014: “Actress Leah Remini is about to prove that real life is funnier than fiction with this new series about her wisecracking, no-nonsense, hardworking family.”
  • “Psychic Matchmaker” — New series, summer 2014: “Florida psychic Deborah Graham uses her unique gift to help her clients find love by playing matchmaker and seeking out their soul mate.”
  • “Curvy Girls Bridal” (working title) — New special, summer 2014: “The savvy Harris sisters own a one-of-a-kind bridal salon where full figured brides experience their dream of finding the perfect wedding dress.”
  • “Heidi to the Dresscue” (working title) — New special, summer 2014: “Heidi Elnora is an Alabama bridal designer who thinks every bride is one of a kind, and should have a custom gown to match.”
  • “Long Lost Family” (working title) — New special, summer 2014: “Follows people who are looking to reunite with — or meet for the first time — the family and loved ones they have desperately been seeking.”
  • “The One That Got Away” — New special, summer 2014: “Almost everyone has that one person who unknowingly holds a piece of their heart. Follow as these individuals seek out their lost loves for a chance to re-connect.”
  • “Welcome to Allentown” (working title) — New special, summer 2014: “Hit the road with a musical family of 10 living out their dream: Spending their lives together on one bus as they travel the country performing.”
  • “Listed Sisters” (working title) — New series, fall 2014: “Go into the fast-paced real estate world with three of the most entrepreneurial sister duos across America, as they hustle during the height of selling season.”
  • “Risking It All” (working title) — New series, fall 2014: Three families who are fed up with the pressures of the modern world decide to move ‘off the grid’ in hopes of reconnecting with each other.”
  • “The Speegle Life” (working title) — New series, fall 2014: “A multigenerational southern family leaves their successful church in Florida to help their two daughters find a new congregation in Alabama.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz