danica patrick godaddy Dump GoDaddy Day is Dec. 29 in response to SOPA supportA Reddit user going by the handle SelfProdigy declared before Christmas that Thursday, Dec. 29 should be Dump GoDaddy Day, in response to GoDaddy’s initial support of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), a bill that was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in late October and is now in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

The reason being is that SOPA seeks to hold sites accountable for any illegal copyright content uploaded by any user, which would affect sites like YouTube, Facebook and the like. SelfProdigy argued that users registered with GoDaddy should change their domain registrations. He did so in response to a generic letter he received from GoDaddy following his complaint to them regarding the legislation support.

SelfProdigy, who identifies himself as “Fred” to Fox News, says, “”My heart was broken. I’ve used them for years. I didn’t like the generic letter they sent back to me so I posted a call to boycott. I didn’t know it would catch on the way it did.”

Fred hopes the legislators can find other ways to combat piracy.

GoDaddy, in response to the boycott threat, renounced their support of SOPA, but it may be too late. According to InfoWars, GoDaddy has lost over 72,000 registrations as of Sunday (Dec. 25), but that is correlation evidence and does not necessarily prove causation.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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