dunkin donuts rant gi Dunkin' Donuts customer's racist rant goes viral, employees commended

The problem with everyone having a video camera in their phone is too many people think their videos are clever. That’s the case with 27-year-old Taylor Chapman. Chapman entered a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant armed with her cell phone and a bad attitude.
It seems the night before she wasn’t given a receipt with her order, meaning the next meal is on Dunkin’ Donuts. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, Taylor didn’t think it was so easy. She strolled into the same restaurant the next day and went on a vulgar tirade against the man behind the counter, an 18-year-old employee named Abid Adar, demanding a long list of items, while swearing at any chance she got and bragging that the video she was recording would be posted on Facebook.
The employee took it all in stride, copying down her order. She wasn’t even kicked out of the store as she took video of other customers, asking them about their receipts. Eventually, Taylor found the employee who didn’t provide her with a receipt the night before and started ranting against her as well. This is when she goes from vulgarity, to flat-out racism, as she says, “You think ya’ll are tough, big fat Arabs bombin the trade center? I’ll show you tough.” Eventually the woman got her food and the video, mercifully, ends.
Chapman didn’t quite get the response she expected. In fact, as the video went viral, the exact opposite happened. The internet let loose an outpouring of support for the employees featured in the video. Dunkin’ Donuts even took note. In a tweet, the company said “We’re proud of how r crew member handled this situation. The franchise owner of the restaurant plans 2 recognize the crew member.”
The company is also inviting the two employees in the video to an internal event in Boca Raton, Fla. for recognition, according to Gawker. You can see the video below, but be warned it is filled with horrible language.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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