As if “Fast & Furious” wasn’t already the most inexplicable franchise in Hollywood today, now comes word that the series could get even bigger with a spinoff centered on Dwayne Johnson’s character Luke Hobbs.

Federal agent Hobbs was introduced in 2011’s “Fast Five” — the all-time highest grossing “Fast” movie at the U.S. box office — and will return in May’s “Fast & Furious 6.” With Johnson in the role, it’s no surprise the character quickly became a fan favorite and talk of spinning off the character seemed inevitable.

In the above interview with U.K.’s Empire online, Johnson says the spinoff could arrive “possibly after this one or after the next one. I’m not quite too sure. I know that’s the goal and we continue to build that character and have him take shape. But yes, I can’t wait.”

At any rate, it sounds like yes, there will be a “Fast & Furious 7.” Clearly, someone involved really wants to outdo “Police Academy.”

Posted by:gberkshire