saints row iv 4 e3 hands on E3: 'Saints Row IV' hands on preview: Dubstep gun makes its debut

If “Saints Row IV” is about anything, it’s ridiculous amounts of excess. The “Saints Row” series started with a focus on a street gang in Michigan that was slowly gaining power. By “Saints Row: The Third,” that gang was a worldwide crime organization.
With “Saints Row IV,” the 3rd Street Saints take an oddly logical next step, public office. The leader of the Saints has been elected President of the United States and the rest of the gang fills out his staff. In taking over the country, it’s also become a whole different world. The White Crib, formerly known as the White House, is a place where booze flows and women scamper around in revealing clothing.
This time, instead of fighting off government officials or other gangs, the Saints face an even crazier set of circumstances as the White Crib is attacked by aliens. As the president sees his fellow gang members abducted by the otherworldly beings, the fight begins.
The first half of the demo consists of the president fighting his way through hordes of aliens flooding the White Crib, before he eventually makes his way onto one of their ships. It plays like you would expect a “Saints Row” game, or any third-person shooter, to. 

saints row iv 4 e3 hands on 2 E3: 'Saints Row IV' hands on preview: Dubstep gun makes its debut
The second half of the demo is where the game shines, though. Playing in the open-world and seeing some of the crazy weapons and powers that are available in the game, makes for a fun experience. That’s right, powers. As you are doing battle with aliens, super powers makes sense, right? The powers can be a few others that will help you do battle/create chaos.

The real humor in the game comes through in the weaponry. Along with your standard shotguns, pistols, RPGs and the like, you can also get a very deadly Super Soaker water pistol and even a black hole generator. Shoot the black hole generator and watch as it pulls in everything around it, even stoplights and cars.
“Saints Row IV” is also the game with what may be the coolest weapon of all time: the dubstep gun. How can dubstep be a weapon? Easily, the gun shoots music at people, causing them to stop whatever they’re doing and dance to a heavy techno loop. It affects everyone in the area and if targeted on one person for too long, their hearts will explode. Because dubstep is intense.
It’s hands-down the best new feature in the game. When you get to play “Saints Row IV” yourself, don’t be surprised to spend a foolish amount of time simply blasting people with music.
As THQ went out of business, the newest entry in the franchise will be published by Deep SIlver. “Saints Row IV” is in-stores August 20 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs. Check out the trailer below (Warning, it’s got some pretty
strong language):

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