eastbound and down season 4 premiere 'Eastbound & Down' Season 4 premiere   Kenny Powers is back and domesticated

Get ready, because “Eastbound & Down” is back for one last run and it looks like a very different show. Season 4 picks up a few years after Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) faked his own death to become a family man and it seems the act did the trick.
He’s definitely not the Kenny viewers will remember. Instead, he’s married to April (Katy Mixon), with two kids and a job renting cars. He has become, of all things, a working-class suburban dad. However, it’s easy to tell he’s miserable as he doesn’t seem to make any effort to hide it.
The old Kenny is in there and shows now and then, through racist jokes and refusing to let April shine. Luckily, he may have a fast track back to the limelight. A fellow former baseball player, Guy Young (Ken Marino), has his own TV sports talk show and wants to party with the old Kenny.
That one night of VIP partying only makes Kenny miss his old life more. When he finds out the next morning he’s been denied for a loan to have a pool installed, Kenny finally snaps. From there, he street races some punk and his girlfriend, smashes up a work car, quits his job and punches his boss in the face. There’s only one thing to do now, as Kenny gets into his personal stash of almost every drug imaginable, gets high as a kite and starts digging his own pool.

Kenny Powers is back. Now, he just needs Stevie at his side. What did you think of the “Eastbound & Down” Season 4 premiere?
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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