eastbound and down series finale 1 'Eastbound & Down' series finale: Kenny Powers says goodbye, Lindsay Lohan appears

Well, after four seasons, it seems “Eastbound & Down” has actually come to an end, though the fans have been here before. While the show was expected to end after Kenny faked his death at the end of Season 3, it was revived at the last minute for one more trip.
The final season of the show saw Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) rise to fame once again, as part of a sports-themed TV show, hosted by retired baseball player Guy Young (Ken Marino). It didn’t take long for the old Kenny to rear his ugly head though, becoming the egotistical and insane person fans know and love. That’s when Kenny lost is all, with April filing for divorce.
As the final episode picks up, Kenny wants to save his marriage but April reveals she’s accepted a job in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was moving with their kids.
Meanwhile, Kenny meets the head of the network that airs the show he ruined (Sacha Baron Cohen), who offers him a new talk show, “The Powers Hour.” To get the show, his first episode has to feature the complete and total humiliation of Guy Young.
It looks like Kenny agrees, and has Young on the show to set him up. However, before he can destroy him, Kenny instead takes time to admit his misdeeds over time. He tells the viewing audience what a terrible person he is, something “Eastbound & Down” viewers have known since the very first episode.
“I was horrendous,” he says. “I thought that fame, fortune and success was the only way I could be happy.” What he’s realized if what truly matters though, his family. He hands the show over to Guy and walks out, much to the network head’s anger. Naturally, Kenny punches him in the face before leaving once and for all.
It’s then that Kenny does the right thing, granting April (Katy Mixon) a divorce and bidding his children goodbye. In his parting words to the woman he loves, Kenny says, “April, when I told you I wasn’t happy with you and the kids? That wasn’t true. I was never unhappy with you guys. I was unhappy with myself.”
Admitting that is enough to melt April’s heart, as she stops Kenny before he can leave and kisses him. While you’d think it would end there, with a happily ever after, that’s just where things get started.
From there, Kenny moves with his family to New Mexico and gets to direct the movie based on his life story. The episode then jumps to his son’s graduation, with daughter (Lindsay Lohan) in tow. Then to the daughter’s wedding, before an unexpected scene of Kenny and April walking down a dark alley. They are mugged and April is gunned down.
After her death, Kenny becomes a homeless drug addict, before finding redemption in rehab. He somehow ends up on a hoverbike in Africa, sometime in the future. Kenny marries an African woman and has a slew of kids with her, eventually dying of old age. His kids and Stevie (Steve Little) arrive at the funeral and release either his ashes or cocaine into the air. Stevie rubs a bit into his gums, so it’s unclear.
That’s when it’s revealed that none of that happened. It’s actually the new ending to Kenny’s script, which Stevie told him earlier could use some work. As for what did and did not happen to Kenny, who knows? 
The final scene shows him at a computer, when April comes into his office showing that they did end up together. In the final shot, Kenny’s baseball sits next to his keyboard as the screen fades to black.
It was certainly a bizarre episode, but what else would you expect from “Eastbound & Down”? It’s a happy ending for Kenny, but who knows, maybe one day he will rise again.
What did you think of the series finale?
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