taylor swift ed sheeran gi Ed Sheeran: 'I would never bang Taylor Swift'

Taylor Swift‘s “Red” tour mate, Ed Sheeran, is speaking out against rumors he and Swifty are not just friends, but are perhaps friends “with benefits.” Sheeran got tongues wagging when he tattooed Taylor’s “Red” on his bicep shortly after her breakup with Conor Kennedy
“The A Team” singer was also spotted leaving Taylor’s hotel room at 4 a.m. following the Brit Awards, where Taylor had to be kept apart from her ex, Harry Styles.
But Sheeran, who is also best buds with Styles and wrote One Direction’s “Little Things,” says he wouldn’t want to ruin his friendship with Taylor by hooking up. “You don’t have to bang a girl just because she’s your friend. It’s not a necessity,” Sheeran tells The Sun. “So that’s why I’d never go there with her. I wouldn’t want to spoil things.”
As for Sheeran’s late night rendezvous in Swift’s hotel room, he insisted at the time the whole thing was on the up and up. “Literally, I went in there and we passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other,” Ed told a New Zealand news station. “I did go to her hotel, I did stay there ’til four and I did leave in the same clothes. But I was playing her my new record.” Though Sheeran admits his rep got a boost after the late night hotel spotting. “The fact that people can believe it makes me feel like a bit of a stud, you know,” Sheeran says. Yeah, we know.

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