edward norton snl wes anderson sketch Edward Norton hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Watch the best and worst sketches

Edward Norton hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the first time on Saturday (Oct. 26). While his monologue was upstaged by Miley Cyrus’ big surprise announcement, he proved himself a worthy and willing host with his myriad of funny, original characters all night long. What were his best and worst sketches?

Best: New kind of horror trailer

Wes Anderson is here to give Halloween a new kind of horror movie … “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders.” It’s got everything: Norton’s spot-on impression of Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow smoking and sulking, two precocious children, Tilda Swinton, and a jaunty tune giving the whole horror film and light and quirky feel. 

Best: Halloween candy

Norton proved that he was game for anything, and this bizarre and random sketch about a dad going through all the things he would be giving to children this Halloween was so bizarre and random that it worked. We were howling with laughter at every unexpectedly hilarious line Norton delivered with no apologies. What would you do for Klondike bar?

Worst: “12 Days Not a Slave”

With the critical acclaim surrounding the buzzy film “12 Years a Slave,” of course “SNL” would parody it. However, this sketch about an oblivious just-freed slave fell flat. It didn’t help that Cyrus came out halfway through to twerk in colonial garb. Though Aidy Bryant‘s self-deprecating line was unexpectedly hilarious.

Best: Ruth’s Chris Sex House

What’s “SNL” without a little physical comedy? Watching these teen hosts at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House trying to explain how sex would be — when they finally get to have it — could have been cringe-worthy, but the commitment they all gave their weird dance moves made it work.

Worst: Norton’s monologue

Norton didn’t really get the chance to prove himself in his monologue thanks to Cyrus upstaging him with her announcement that she’s going on tour in 2014. She didn’t even have anything else to add, besides giving him advice on being a host. Couldn’t she have made her announcement back when she was the host of “SNL?” Norton did give it his all with some spot-on impressions, though. Too bad no one will remember those.

Best: Cold open

After the Obamacare website kept crashing, “SNL” gave some great advice to users who couldn’t seem to load the site … try turning off your computer, then turning it back on. No one knows why, but that just sometimes works. Oh, technology.

Worst: Fall-scented lady parts? Ew.

This ad for a Summer’s Eve fall-scented douche was just gross. Seeing the odor wafting from someone’s lady parts to another person’s nose? Unnecessary.

Worst: School visit

Watching Norton flounder as a cop teaching safety to children wasn’t funny at all. The kids kept taking his pointers in the wrong way, and it was just frustrating to watch.

Best: Critter control

Let’s be honest, like new cast member Beck Bennett, you’d want to stay and watch what happens too ….

Best: Drug deal

At first, it seemed like Norton’s savant was going to be some kind of genius, counting the money for a drug deal. But then it became clear … he’s not a savant at all.

What did you think of Norton’s turn as host?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum