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NBC News aired Brian Williams’ interview with Edward Snowden Wednesday night (May 28). It was Snowden’s first interview on American TV since being charged with stealing classified government information and handing it over to those not qualified to see it.
The interview shed light on parts of Snowden that haven’t been seen before. Viewers learned that Snowden believes he is a patriot, not the traitor he’s portrayed as. He also claims to be a trained spy, rather than the low level analyst and hacker he’s been labeled by the US government.
One of the more interesting things to come of the interview, which doesn’t necessarily fit in with the serious tone of the subject, are Snowden’s binge watching preferences. When discussing the big cultural change he’s faced since relocating to Russia from Hawaii, Williams asks Snowden what he watches.
“Even though I didn’t choose to be here, even though circumstances really trapped me here, I can adapt. I can live life as an American, more or less. That’s the beauty of the internet,” he says. “Right now I’m watching a show, ‘The Wire’, about surveillance … I’m really enjoying it. The second season’s not so great, but it’s nice.” It turns out everyone really is a critic.
Overall, there is one thought of Snowden’s that rings true more than any other. “I don’t think there’s ever been any question that I’d like to go home,” he tells Williams. That doesn’t mean he’s ready to turn himself in though, as Snowden says, “My priority is not about myself. It’s about making sure that these programs are reformed — and that the family that I left behind, the country that I left behind — can be helped by my actions.”
If you missed Snowden’s interview, you can watch video highlights below.

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